How to Design a Pediatric Dental Clinic

When it comes to designing a pediatric dental clinic, it can be a bit tricky: you have to make it friendly and inviting for the kids, but at the same time, it has to be professional and safe enough to assure the parents that you are running a reliable business. So, how do you find the balance?

It’s simple really: you appeal to the kids, and cater to the parents. Look at the office furniture available there for ideas.


  1. Dedicated Play Areas

The first thing that you have to keep in mind is that children need to have their own space to play in safely and comfort, so have a dedicated play area for the children where they can acclimatize to the surroundings. After all, no child in their right mind would be comfortable in a dental clinic – no matter how much bribery their parents give them beforehand.

Aside from a dedicated play area, you have to make sure that there is a waiting space for the parents where they can keep a watchful eye on their kids while waiting for their turn. This allows parents to relax, but still be reassured that their kids are safe within their sights.

  1. Kid-friendly Entertainment

Kids can be pretty hard to cater to when it comes to trying to keep them busy and calm. Some kids love reading, while others are more interested in playing with toys. If you can afford it, have a play area that’s stocked with different kinds of forms of entertainment such as books, coloring materials, gaming consoles, and toys.

If all else fails, plop them in front a TV! Bonus time: this works for both children and adults, because sometimes even stressed-out adults want to zone out as well.

  1. Serene, comforting surroundings

There are actually two things you need to think of when choosing the right interior design for your pediatric dental clinic: a design that’s soothing and calming for children, but not alienating and jarring for adults.

Contrary to what many designers believe, designing a pediatric dental clinic is not as easy as stuffing your clinic with as many cartoonish designs as possible. In fact, many people tend to stay with their dental clinic over the years, so catering solely to children’s tastes may lose repeat customers when they grow up. Choose colors that are soft and soothing, such as pastel colors, and opt for a lot of natural light.

  1. Comfortable but sturdy furniture

Kids are going to be kids, and there might be times when rowdy kids are unavoidable, so you want furniture that will stand up to the “torture test” of a child that’s amped up on sugar and playthings, but still be comfortable enough for an adult to sit back and relax. Dental office waiting room chairs are the most essential piece of furniture to get right in this case. Go for chairs that have sturdy legs and backs, but have enough padding to that kids can eventually calm down and relax in them.

  1. Visible hygiene stations

Where there are a lot of children, you’re going to have lots of germs, and since you’re running a pediatric dental clinic, you want to make sure that you have sterile, hygienic surroundings. Make sure that you have visible hygiene stations such as hand sanitizer stations, as well as child-friendly bathrooms with height-appropriate sinks.


Remember, finding the right balance of being child-friendly, adult-reassuring, and professional is the key to having a pediatric dental clinic that will keep customers coming back over the years.